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It is important to write a manuscript in a scholarly way which includes correct scientific English before submission. The EJMSTE journal highly recommends that non-native speakers of English have manuscripts proofread by a copy editor before submission. During submission, a note from a copy editor may significantly reduce the review time of your manuscript. However, proof of copy editing does not guarantee acceptance of a manuscript for publication in the journal.

We offer language editing service for authors. This service covers English Language proofreading including grammar, sentence structure, content clarity, formatting, punctuation, and spelling.

The final version of a manuscript should be uploaded to the submission system. The manuscript will go through the following steps:

1-Assignment to language editor
2-Making the payment
3-Delivery of manuscript

Pricing and Payment methods
Authors will receive an invoice by email shortly after you submit your paper. Payment can be made in USD or Euro by credit card or using PayPal. The payment must be received before we send you the edited paper.

Prices are based on the length of your document and are exclusive of VAT. Prices are below:

Word count per manuscript USD
From 501 to 1,500 100 USD
From 1,501 to 4,000 120 USD
From 4,001 to 6,000 150 USD
From 6001 to 8000 200 USD
From 8000 to 10000 230 USD
From 10001 to 12000 300 USD

Please note that a word count of the file does not contain the author names and affiliations, or the references.

Enquiries for language editing service should be directed to ejmste@ejmste.com
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