Slovenian Pre-Service Teachers’ Conceptions about Liquid Crystals
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University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
University of Maribor, Maribor, SLOVENIA
Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Publication date: 2011-06-21
EURASIA J. Math., Sci Tech. Ed 2011;7(3):173-180
A total of 448 first-year university students participated in the study at the beginning of the academic year 2009/10. A paper-pencil liquid crystal questionnaire (LCQ) comprising 20 items was used to evaluate students’ general conceptions related to liquid crystals, their properties and to the state of matter in general. The results show that 2/3 of students are not familiar with liquid crystals at all, and the conceptions about liquid crystals of the remaining 1/3 of students are very weak. Students achieved on average only 1.5 points (19 % success) out of 8 on the items testing their conception about liquid crystals. The students’ achievements in the LCQ depend on their gender, their self-assessed knowledge on liquid crystals and on their field of study. Based on the results of the LCQ, learning units were developed to stimulate students’ knowledge development about liquid crystals. The learning units in which students learn about liquid crystals synthesis (chemical aspects) and properties (physical aspects) were put in the framework of everyday life.
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